Cost Saving Calculator – User Guide

This cost saving calculator will help you to identify the amount of cost that can be saved with the use of POLOXY software. Figure given below is explained with the help of numbers. Explanation for each number is given right below the image.

Fields in colour background are editable where user can enter own values. Meaning for each such value is explained below:

  1. Here user should enter his monthly chick’s placement.
  2. Numbers specified in these fields are standard values which user can’t change. These values are used for initial calculations as per industry standards.
  3. User can enter his own values as per his business standards in these fields. All these costs will be used to calculate production cost per kg.
  4. Here user can enter average FCR.
  5. This field is used to enter growing charges (GC) per kg.
  6. These fields are to enter expected improvement in respective cost with the use of POLOXY system. With the help of various control points provided in POLOXY system, one can save minimum amount of 0.01 in each type of cost. Once these values are entered, user can view total improvement in production cost per kg and cost that can be saved yearly basis.
  7. This field shows total cost that can be saved yearly with the use of POLOXY system.
  8. This field shows the production cost that can be saved per kg.