Commercial Broiler Calculator-User Guide

Poultry calculator is designed specifically for commercial broiler farmers. The purpose of this calculator is to check batch performance after liquidation of each batch. User needs to enter fixed expenses which includes chick cost, feed cost, medicine cost and admin cost along with total sale of batch. This information will be used to calculate FCR, CFCR, per bird cost, production cost per kg, profit amount and profit percentage.

Using this calculator small farmers can easily identify their profit and loss for each batch. We have also provided the facility to save a copy of it which will help user to maintain record of each batch.

Image given below includes numbers. Explanation about each number is given below the image. Each number explains what user has to enter in that particular field.

Above calculator includes two parts, Input and Output. Input window will be used to enter details about each batch and output window will generate required data automatically.

Numbers specified in above figure has following meanings:

  1. In this field, user needs to enter his batch-wise placement of chicks.
  2. This field will be used to enter purchase rate per chick.
  3. Once user entered above details, total amount will get calculated automatically as below:
    Total amount=Total chicks X Rate per chick
  4. These three rows will be used to enter feed details. Here also user has to specify feed used in kg and its purchase rate per kg. This will calculate total amount spent on each type of feed as below:
    Total amount per feed type= Feed in kg X Feed rate per kg
  5. This field displays total feed in kg used, average rate for total feed used and total amount spent on all types of feed. (This is addition of all three types of feed.)
  6. Enter total medicine cost. This will calculate medicine cost per bird.
    Medicine cost per bird=Total medicine cost / Total chicks
  7. Enter total admin cost. This will calculate admin cost per bird.
    Admin cost per bird=Total admin cost / Total chicks
  8. Enter sale details in these fields. It includes, age of birds at the time of sale, sold quantity, sold weight and sale rate. ‘Plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons provided here will help you to add or delete rows.
  9. This field calculates total sold birds, total sold weight and average sale rate per kg from information entered in field (8).
  10. Click on ‘Calculate’ button to find out FCR, CFCR, mean liquidation age, mortality percentage, BPI, production cost per kg, cost per bird, profit amount and profit percentage.
  11. Click on ‘Save Image’ to save this data.