Performance Improvement in Cost Monthly Placement Standard Mortality and FCR
Performance Improved By
0.30 Expected Improvement Difference in Production Cost per Kg.
Yearly Total Cost Saving in Rs.
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Chick Cost
Feed Cost Per Kg.
Medicine Cost Per Bird
Admin Cost Per Bird
Avg. Body Wt. Per Bird
Mortality % Percentage
Feed Per Bird 3.612
Avg. FCR
Avg. Converted FCR 1.68
Growing Charges per Kg.
Production Cost
No. of Chicks Placed
Mortality Percentage
Total Birds Mortality
No. of Birds Sold
Total Sold Weight in Kg.
Total Feed Consumption in Kg.
Chicks Cost
Feed Cost
Medicine Cost
Admin Cost
Avg. Body Weight
Avg. FCR
Avg. Converted FCR
Total Growing Charges Pay
Total Production Cost
Production Cost per Kg.
Production Cost per Bird
Growing Charges per Kg.
Growing Charges per Bird

Cost Saving Calculator

This cost saving calculator will help you to identify the amount which you can save with the use of POLOXY system.

Fields in color background at left side are to enter expected improvement in respective cost. Fields in color background at right side are to enter actual cost/expenses.

All initial values displayed in this sheet are as per standards. For more information,

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