POLOXY system is a brand to help increasing profitability.

Why to use POLOXY if we have other systems ?

It is cloud based application, so real time data sharing is possible. As a result, in live stock industry we can save too much if we know ground level reality.

POLOXY is a first user-friendly system which is integrated with production and accounts also. So using it, you may know your financial position as well.

Using POLOXY system you can streamline your production and accounting department. It helps to improve performance of your organization.

By proper usage of POLOXY you can minimize a lot of malpractices as a result your business will be in your control.

How can we use POLOXY for daily supervision entries?

It is very easy to share field level data on real time basis using specialised mobile apps and it will be reflected into POLOXY system instantly.

Will you provide training to our staff?

Yes, at the time of implementation, training will be provided to client’s employees. This training includes complete knowledge sharing about our product.

At a time how many users can access POLOXY?

There is no limitation on number of users. As per requirement, you can create n number of users.

What if I have my own standards, rather than the industry standards?

POLOXY has facility to customize product as per client’s need. So, it will be updated as per your requirement..

How much time it will take to implement?

POLOXY will be implemented within a month.

How will we get support for POLOXY system?

We have dedicated support center to assist you at any stage.

What are minimum system requirements?

POLOXY is a cloud based ERP system hence there is no any specific hardware requirement.

POLOXY will run on any Operating System. It is compatible with any standard browser.

What type of special knowledge is required to operate POLOXY system?

There is no need of specific requirement. It is First ERP which is very user-friendly so it can be operated by any employee.